78cm induction hob, 1 multizone

Modern Series


This 78 cm induction hob is equipped with 4 induction areas. There are 9 power levels, plus a double booster for each area that allows even faster cooking. A practical multi slider allows you to control all the cooking zones in a simple and intuitive way. The Multizone function combines two cooking zones to create a single larger zone, allowing the use of large pots or grills.

The hob is equipped with 3 specific functions that set exact temperatures for the interested area. The Melting function set the area at 45°C allowing you to melt food without overcooking it; the Keep Warm function set the area at 70 °C to heat the food without drying it; the Boiling function set the area at 85 °C to bring the water in the pot to a boil in the shortest possible time.

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  • Size 78 cm
  • Type induction
  • Controls multi slider
  • Worktop controls touch controls
  • Worktop design ceramic glass bevelled
  • Worktop type induction
  • Number of induction zones 4
  • Worktop
    • Controls multi slider
    • Size 78 cm
    • Number of induction zones 4
    • Worktop type induction
    • Worktop design ceramic glass bevelled
    • Worktop controls touch controls
    • Power levels 9 + double booster
    • Timer yes
    • Pause yes
    • Recall yes
    • Safety induction cooktop child lock residual heat indicator automatic switch off pot detection overflow security
  • Cooking zones
    • Induction bridge zones 1
    • Induction front left 2000 W (booster 2600 W - double booster 2800 W)
    • Induction back left 1500 W (booster 1800 W - double booster 2000 W)
    • Induction center 2300 W (booster 2800 W - double booster 3000 W)
    • Induction front right 1200 W (booster 1400 W - double booster 1500 W)
    • Voltage and frequency 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
    • Absorbed power (W) 7200 W
78cm induction hob, 1 multizone | Bertazzoni
Induction heating: fast and clean
Fast, efficient and very safe, Bertazzoni induction worktops offer a very versatile and simple way to cook. Easy to control, easy to clean and very elegant in design. The black tempered glass surfaces fit comfortably with many kitchen styles, whilst projecting an elegant, refined look.
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